Hello World Collector

This program collect many examples of code, said hello, world! these are only for educational purposes and help us to understand the major differences between the various languages, if you want you can integrate your own hello, world! filling out the form right, enjoy!

Platform: Android 1.6 >

Language: Java + Android SDK

License: Closed

Version: 0.9.3

Price: 0.50 EUR

Link for the app:

Price: FREE (with advertising)

Link for the app:


Released HWCollector 0.9.3

-fix error in the translations
-minor bug-fix

Released HWCollector 0.9.2

-add move to sd
-add ko language
-modify choice activity
-improve stability db class
-fix error in the translations
-fix reset db

Released HWCollector 0.9.1

-add fr,de language
-add new contribution (see credits)
-fix scrollbar into view code
-fix db create problem
-fix error in the translations
-fix db update

Released HWCollector 0.9

This is the first release,with it you can select a hello,world! from the listview and then show it into a text view mod.Bye.