First release of EasyScreenCast

Today I publish the first version of this extension, that aims to simplify the creation of screencasts in gnome 3 shell, is not quite complete there are still some details of the UI and in this regard if you want to contribute by reporting bugs, or helping with translations use this page or sent me an e-mail; for other info or to see a screenshot go to the project page. 8y3


2 pensieri su “First release of EasyScreenCast

  1. I have an external monitor plugged in. Both screens get recorded in one giant video. Would it be possible to choose which screen to record?

    1. hi, i think it’s possible, you must modify the command line that execute the screencast by adding the video device you want to record, just like adding this parameter “device=/dev/videoXX” when videoXX is the file indicate your target monitor; or otherwise do you cut from the middle of the video recording that you are not interested just adding these parameters “axis-left=340 axis-top=0 disp-width=320 disp-height=240” changed according to the resolutions of your monitors.
      I’m not an expert in the use of gstreamer pipeline and my support is limited, other useful information can be found in these pages:
      and the last man gst-launch. 8y3


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