Glances as your desktop wallpaper on Gnome Shell

I’m a little bored with conky, I wanted to try some other similar software but I could not find valid alternatives so I put the software system monitoring glances as desktop wallpapaer; glances is functional, complete and very nerdy 😉
I tried this on my arch completely updated with gnome shell 3.6.x, this is how it looks:
Schermata del 2013-02-23 10:40:14
well, it’s very easy to setup this,with 4 simple steps:
-1- install glances (CLI monitoring tool) and devilspie (A window-matching utility)

pacman -S glances devilspie

-2- create a new profile of the gnome-terminal, you can do this in its settings window, with these options:

  • Profile name: glance_terminal_setting
  • Name window: glances_terminal
  • Personalized command: glances -be
  • Set the background as transparent
  • Disable the scroll bars
  • Hide the menu bar

-3- create the configuration file for the utility devilspie, this utility binds the terminal window as the wallpaper on each workspace, copy the configuration below into a file placed in ~/.devilspie/DesktopConsole.ds

(matches (window_name) "glances_terminal")
(wintype "dock")
(geometry "+954+680")
(geometry "954×680")

-4- create shortcuts to start automatically devilspie and gnome-terminal with personalized profile at login, you can make this with gnome-session-properties, create two new elements:

  • devilspie element
    • name: devilspie
    • command: devilspie
  • gnome-terminal element
    • name: gnome-terminal_for-glances
    • command: gnome-terminal –window-with-profile=glance_terminal_setting –title=glances_terminal

That’s all, enjoy your new nerd wallpaper!



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