EasyScreenCast arrives in gnome shell 3.10

I updated the extension to version 0.9.2 and now EasyScreencast gains compatibility with gnome shell 3.10; this update brings many new options, such as the ability to specify the file name or the destination folder or even the area of recording, here are some screenshots : if you have any suggestions or find any bugs […]

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Manage Left/Right click into panel menu

I present a simple and dirty solution for manage the left click and the right click event into a panel menu button of the gnome shell DE; all consosiste simply fill the menu with all the items of both the left than to the right menu, and intercept the type of event to hide the […]

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First release of EasyScreenCast

Today I publish the first version of this extension, that aims to simplify the creation of screencasts in gnome 3 shell, is not quite complete there are still some details of the UI and in this regard if you want to contribute by reporting bugs, or helping with translations use this page or sent me […]

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Timer inside a gnome-shell extension

I want to share a little extension for gnome-shell to test implementation of a timer into itself; the extension simply executes the count the seconds passed after clicking on the indicator and shows the time spent in the notification bar; the more interesting file into the project is timer.js that simple regulates the operation of […]

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Simple guide to improve your own extension on gnome-shell

This guide does not will include all aspects of the creation of the extension for gnome shell, but will be specific to the management of the localization and the management of storing the preferences of the extension itself, of these topics did not find much on the net so i summarize what I found for […]

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Glances as your desktop wallpaper on Gnome Shell

I’m a little bored with conky, I wanted to try some other similar software but I could not find valid alternatives so I put the software system monitoring glances as desktop wallpapaer; glances is functional, complete and very nerdy ;) I tried this on my arch completely updated with gnome shell 3.6.x, this is how […]

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Custom slide menu dashboard

This is an attempt to create a slide menu dashboard in a test application,the code is very simple and uses the library SlidingMenu and a personaly class to manage history data of the app. here the complete project: Download PRJ here the sample code of CommonActivity: here the sample code of history data manage:

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